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Own Your Community, Build A Lasting Brand

Followers are great, but members are the best. A community fosters deeper relationships, more insights and ultimately more revenues.
Host your community on your own domain or integrate it in your own app. Keep reinforcing your brand.
You own the data your community provides. Your members are yours. Stop being dependent on social platforms.
Generate revenue from your community using your own revenue model, supported by our revenue building features.

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Communities Built With Metachat

Features And Benefits

Everything You Need In One Place

Build & Manage Your Community
Whether you integrate it in your website or in your mobile app, it is yours. Metachat offers one of the most flexible solutions for you to build and manage a branded community.
Leverage Your Data
Get insights into your community, integrate with social platforms and other software tools to make your life easier.
Make More Money
Enable paid access to one or more rooms in your community. Earn advertising revenue with an ad engine that is optimized for long session times.

Some Of Our Features

Chat Rooms By Topic

Create fully managed chat rooms or let users create their own rooms, neatly organized by topic.

News Feeds

Every room has its own news feed. Crowdsource news or aggregate and curate existing news sources. Let your community upvote what is most relevant.


AI powered moderation combined with tools built for humans provide full control over the content of your community.

Private Rooms

Enable paid access to one or more rooms in your community.

Roles & Badges

Let your community assist you in management by assigning roles. Reward users with badges.


Get insights into your community with our advanced analytics

Get The Most Out Of Your Community